Outdoor Movies...

An outdoor movie is a great, unique way to bring people together. What's better is that our inflatable screen is larger than most movie theatre screens, making your enjoyment of the film that much more immersive. Our crew of seasoned works will set-up and break-down all of our equipment, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show!

And More!

Inflatable screens are a highly versatile! Here are some unique events you can host with our giant screen.

  • Concert backdrops
  • Advertising and Slideshows
  • Sport event broadcasts
  • Live streams
  • Drive-in Movies

An outdoor movie screen can do them all!

​​​Corporate Functions

Having an outdoor movie for your company's staff party, or milestone achievement is a great business move. Along with celebrations, outdoor

movies can be a great method for promoting your company! Place your trust in us to put on a memorable outdoor movie experience that people will remember your business for.

Community Building Events

An outdoor movie is the perfect addition to your community event with Charity's, festivals and sporting being just a fraction of what Fresh Air Films is capable of. A film on an inflatable screen in the outdoors is a great way to unite your community and bring large groups of people together.


Private Events

​We put the 'special' in special event! An outdoor movie is a unique, highly fulfilling experience that can happen just about anywhere, so you won't be surprised to hear the inflatable screen industry's biggest customers are private groups.

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